Mendip Wards and Your Representative

Details of Mendip's electoral sub-divisions (wards)

Mendip WardsA ward is a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. Wards are usually named after neighbourhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks, geographical features and in some cases historical figures connected to the area. Ward residents vote for council candidates in local elections. The wards are represented by Councillors (sometimes known as Council Members) in Mendip District's Council.

For further information on Mendip Council representation please visit the Councillors page, or use the links below to contact your elected Councillor.

For detailed boundary maps and postcodes please refer to Ordnance Survey Ward maps for Mendip and click on the link for your ward. 

Ordnance Survey ward maps for Mendip

List of Mendip Wards
WardNeighbourhoods in Ward (for greater detail please refer to Ordnance Survey map link above)Current Elected Councillors 
AmmerdownBuckland Dinham, Great Elm, Hemington, Kilmersdon, Mells

Councillor Alison Barkshire

Ashwick, Chilcompton and StrattonAshwick, Binegar, Chilcompton, Stratton on the Fosse

Councillor Joshua Burr

Councillor Sam Phripp

Beckington and SelwoodBeckington, Berkley, Selwood

Councillor Shannon Brooke

Butleigh and BaltonsboroughBaltonsborough, Butleigh, Lydford on Fosse

Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-Adams

Chewton Mendip and Ston EastonChewton Mendip, Emborough, Litton, Priddy, Ston Easton

Councillor Tom Killen

Coleford and HolcombeColeford, Holcombe, Leigh on Mendip, Stoke St Michael

Councillor Philip Ham

Councillor Alan Townsend

Cranmore, Doulting and NunneyCranmore, Doulting, Downhead, Nunney, Whatley

Councillor Francis Hayden

CreechChesterblade, Evercreech, Pecking Mill, Stoney Stratton

Councillor Barry O'Leary

Croscombe and PiltonCroscombe, North Wootton, Pilton

Councillor Nigel Hewitt-Cooper

Frome Berkley DownFrome Berkley Down

Councillor Janine Nash

Councillor Eve Berry

Frome CollegeFrome College

Councillor Adam Boyden

Councillor Drew Gardner

Frome KeyfordFrome Keyford

Councillor Shane Collins

Councillor Helen Kay

Frome MarketFrome Market

Councillor John Clarke

Councillor Michael Dunk

Frome OakfieldFrome Oakfield

Councillor Helen Sprawson-White

Frome ParkFrome Park

Councillor Damon Hooton

Councillor Richard Pinnock

Glastonbury St Benedict'sGlastonbury St Benedict's

Councillor Steve Henderson

Glastonbury St Edmund'sGlastonbury St Edmund's

Councillor Nick Cottle

Glastonbury St John'sGlastonbury St John's

Councillor Jon Cousins

Glastonbury St Mary'sGlastonbury St Mary's

Councillor Lindsay MacDougall

MoorMeare, Sharpham, Walton

Councillor Matt Martin

PostleburyBatcombe, Lamyatt, Milton Clevedon, Trudoxhill, Upton Noble, Wanstrow, Witham Friary

Councillor Michael Gay

Rode and Norton St. PhilipLullington, Rode, Norton St Philip, Tellisford

Councillor Barbi Lund

Rodney and WestburyRodney Stoke, Westbury Sub Mendip

Councillor Ros Wyke

Shepton EastShepton East

Councillor Bente Height

Councillor Garfield Kennedy

Shepton WestShepton West

Councillor Edric Hobbs

Councillor Chris Inchley

St Cuthbert Out NorthBurcott, Coxley, Dinder, Dulcote, Easton, Green Ore, Haybridge, Lower Miton, Polsham, The Horringtons, Wookey Hole

Councillor Mike Pullin

Street NorthStreet North

Councillor Peter Goater

Councillor Heather Shearer

Street SouthStreet South

Councillor Simon Carswell

Councillor Liz Leyshon

Street WestStreet West

Councillor Terry Napper

The Pennards and DitcheatDitcheat, East Pennard, Parbrook, Pylle, West Bradley, West Pennard

Councillor John Greenhalgh

Wells CentralWells Central

Councillor Lois Rogers

Wells St Cuthbert'sWells St Cuthbert's

Councillor Rob Ayres

Councillor Laura Waters

Wells St Thomas'Wells St Thomas'

Councillor Caroline McKinnell

Councillor Tom Ronan

Wookey and St Cuthbert Out WestGodney, Wookey

Councillor Lucie Taylor-Hood