Guidance for Tenants

Information for people living in rented property.

How to rent a safe home - Guidance to help current and prospective tenants ensure that a rented property is safe to live in.

How to rent - Guidance for people looking for a house or flat to rent.

Private Renting - Guidance on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Concerns about your housing conditions

If you have a problem in your rented property inform the landlord as soon as possible in writing.  Allow your landlord reasonable time to do the repair which will depend on what work is required. 

If your landlord doesn't do the work in a reasonable time then the Council may be able to use their legal powers to improve the condition of your home.

Contact the Private Sector Housing Team using the online complaint form, email or telephone 0300 303 8588 to discuss your concerns.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do:notify your landlord as soon as you aware of a problem
  • Do: give your landlord enough time to make repairs - for example, if your boiler is broken, they may need to order specialised parts to repair it
  • Do: grant access to your landlord and any tradespeople they employ in order to make repairs
  • Do: Complain to your landlord in writing if they do not make the necessary repairs
  • Don't: Withhold your rent. This will not make your landlord do repairs, and may put your tenancy at risk
  • Don't: wait until after you've moved out to complain to us - this makes it extremely difficult for us to take action

The Homes Act

The Homes Act was brought in to make sure that rented homes are safe and healthy and free from things that could cause serious harm. Where this is not the case, tenants can take their landlord to court under the Homes Act and the court can make the landlord carry out repairs. The court can also make the landlord pay compensation to the tenant.

Please talk to the Private Sector Housing team (email or telephone 0300 303 8588) if you wish to discuss your concerns and also view our Icon for pdf Homes Act guidance [469.0KB] giving further information.