Submission Documents

Local Plan Part II was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 23rd January 2019.

The Plan and supporting documents can be viewed or downloaded from this page. The submission notice provides details of where printed copies of the Plan can be inspected. 

Notice of Submission

Icon for pdf Notice of Submission - January 2019 [197.6KB].

Pre-Submission Plan (Published 4th January 2018)

SD1aIcon for pdf Sections 1-9 Written Statement [2.41MB]
SD1bIcon for pdf Section 10: Housing and Employment Allocations - Mendip Towns [10.96MB]
SD1cIcon for pdf Section 11: Housing and Employment Allocations - Primary & Secondary villages [16.22MB]
SD1dIcon for pdf Section 12: Maps - Local Green Spaces - Villages in Open Countryside [6.45MB]
SD1eIcon for pdf Section 13: Maps - Established Employment Areas and Future Growth Areas [12.62MB]
SD1fIcon for pdf Approval of Local Plan Part II for consultation - Council (18th Dec 2017) [263.27KB]

Proposed Changes to Pre-Submission Plan (approved 17th Dec 2018)

SD2aIcon for pdf Proposed Changes to the Pre-Submission Plan [887.11KB]
SD2bIcon for pdf Proposed Changes Maps - Note and Index [255.87KB]
SD2cProposed Changes Maps (see documents/downloads section on this page)
SD2dIcon for pdf Minor Proposed Changes to the pre Submission Plan [335.55KB]
SD3Icon for pdf Proposed Changes to Local Plan Part II - Council (17th Dec 2018) [215.53KB]

Statutory Submission Documents

SD6Icon for pdf Statement of Consultation (Jan 2019) [1.66MB]
SD7Icon for pdf Duty to Co-operate Statement (Jan 2019) [701.75KB]
SD8Icon for pdf Equalities Impact Assessment (Dec 2018) [480.14KB]
SD9Icon for pdf Local Development Scheme 2016 - 2021 (Jan 2017) [495.46KB]
SD10Icon for pdf Statement of Community Involvement (Nov 2013) [435.38KB]

Representations Made to Pre-submission (Reg 19) Consultation/Additional Responses

SD4Icon for pdf SD4 Index of additional responses [215.63KB]


See Pre-Submission Representations page.



Icon for pdf Index of Alphabetical order Pre-submission representations [600.77KB]

Pre-submission: Issues Raised and Council Response

Schedules 1-3: District-wide and housing responses, Policies DP24 and DP25
Schedules 4-11: Towns (Frome, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Street & Wells)
Schedules 12-54: Villages and Parishes

Schedules 55-57: Sustainability Appraisal, Infrastructure Plan, LGS Methodology

See Settlement and Responses page.

Settlement Maps - Showing Pre-Submission Proposals and Effect of Proposed Changes


See Settlement and Responses page.


Combined Changes Maps - Note and Index (Dec 2018)


Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment

SD16Icon for pdf Scoping Report [497.25KB]
SD11Icon for pdf Sustainability Appraisal Report Pre-Submission (Dec 2017) [689.49KB]
SD12aIcon for pdf SA Report - Appendix 1: Review of Plans, Policies and Programmes [187.63KB]
SD12bIcon for pdf SA Report - Appendix 2: Review of Baseline Information [457.77KB]
SD12cIcon for pdf SA Report - Appendix 3: Sites screened out at initial assessment [398.51KB]
SD12dIcon for pdf SA Report - Appendix 4: Site Assessment Template [480.75KB]
SD12eIcon for pdf SA Report - Appendix 5: Results of Sustainability Appraisal [725.71KB]
SD12fIcon for pdf SA Report -Appendix 6: Results of PO sites in Frome, Glastonbury, Street, Wells [641.73KB]
SD12gIcon for pdf SA Report -Appendix 6: Revised Results of PO sites in Frome, Glastonbury, Street, Wells (Jan 19) [643.44KB]
SD12hIcon for pdf SA Report - Appendix 7: Results of SA of Employment Sites [241.9KB]
SD13Icon for pdf Addendum to Sustainability Appraisal (to reflect proposed changes - Jan 19) [690.4KB]
SD14aIcon for pdf Habitat Regulations Assessment (Version 3 - Updated and Revised) (Oct 18) [2.98MB]
SD14bIcon for pdf Habitat Regulations Assessment - Note from Natural England (Dec 18) [408.13KB]

Local Plan Part II - Issues and Options Consultation - (Regulation 18) (Sept 2015)

SD15Issues and Options Consultation
SD17Icon for pdf Local Green Spaces/Open Areas of Local Significance Technical Paper [1.39MB]
SD18Icon for pdf Sumary of Reponses to Issues and Options [554.67KB]

Supporting Documents to Local Plan Part II - (Regulation 19)

SD19Icon for pdf Infrastructure Plan (updated) (Dec 2018) [1.15MB]
SD20Icon for pdf Designation of Local Green Spaces (Dec 2017) [1.01MB]
SD21Icon for pdf Background Paper - Options for a self and custom-build policy (Dec 2017) [233.98KB]
SD22aIcon for pdf DP24 - Draft Supplementary Planning Document (for consultation) - Dec 2017 [294.88KB]
SD22bIcon for pdf DP24 - Draft Supplementary Planning Document - revised (post submission) Jan 2019 [358.3KB]
SD23Icon for pdf Testing Housing Supply Background Paper - Dec 2017 [685.2KB]
SD24Icon for pdf Strategic Housing Market Assessment JG Consulting (Oct 2016) [3.74MB]
SD25Icon for pdf Functional Housing and Economic Areas study, ORS Consulting (Sep 2015) [8.25MB]

Monitoring Documents and Council Plans

SD26aIcon for pdf Five Year Housing Land Supply (Autumn 2018) [135.54KB]
SD26bIcon for pdf Mendip Housing Trajectory (Autumn 2018) [595.43KB]
SD26cIcon for pdf Progress on Major Housing Sites (Oct 2018) [513.94KB]
SD27Icon for pdf Net additional dwellings 2006-2018 (Apr 2018) [27.88KB]
SD28Icon for pdf Services and Facilities in Mendip Villages - April 2017 [344.16KB]
SD29Icon for pdf Gypsy and Travellers sites - Monitoring Report (Aug 2018) [255.12KB]
SD30Icon for pdf Employment Land and Premises - Monitoring Report (Dec 2018) [510.22KB]
SD31Icon for pdf Somerset Housing Strategy 2019-2023 (Dec 2018) [10.33MB]
SD32Icon for pdf Mendip Economic Development Strategy 2017-2020 [1.03MB]

Local Plan Part I and Supporting Topic Papers

SD33Icon for pdf Mendip District Local Plan Part 1: Strategy and Policies - adopted 15.12.14 [2.84MB]
SD34Icon for pdf Report on the Examination into Mendip District Local Plan Part I (Oct 2014) [354.84KB]
SD35Icon for pdf Mendip: Schedule of Development Plans and Other Guidance (Jan 2019) [235.12KB]
SD36Icon for pdf Housing Distribution Technical Paper (Sep 2012) [756.9KB]
SD37Icon for pdf Rural Settlement Role and Function Study - Oct 2012 [772.27KB]
SD38Icon for pdf Employment Land Technical Paper (Oct 2012) [241.88KB]
SD39Icon for pdf Economic Projections Technical Paper Update (Aug 2012) [658.81KB]

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