Street Trading

Street Trading is defined as: The selling or offering for sale of any article in the street.

This includes food for example burgers, kebabs, doughnuts chips and other things such as household items, flowers or Christmas Trees.

Street Trading Service - Open for business

We control street trading across the Mendip District Council area. If you wish to trade in our area you must have our consent to trade, unless you are covered by a statutory or local exemption (as laid out in our Icon for pdf Street Trading Policy [778.31KB]).

To obtain the consent of the Council to trade you must submit the completed Icon for pdf application form [111.87KB], pay the and satisfy all relevant requirements. There is also a Icon for pdf Public Notice [180.22KB] to be displayed at the site. The application form includes guidance on the process for applicants and those persons that have an interest in an application. The policy and guidance tell applicants the minimum time period they must allow for us to process an application.

Please allow sufficient time for an application to be determined.

Council Agrees to Implementation of Street Trading Controls

Full Council approved the proposals for implementing Street Trading controls across the Mendip district area at its meeting on 26th September 2016. The Members voted in favour of the following:-

1. Approving the Icon for pdf Street Trading Policy [778.31KB].

2. Approving the schedule of published fees for the service.

3. Confirming the Council's intention to designate all streets in the Mendip district area as consent streets under street trading control.

4. Rescinding any existing designations of streets.

Street Trading Fees

Please visit our Fees and Charges page for information on our Street Trading Fees.

Street Trading Fees and Charges

Click below to view and comment on a street trading application:

Details of Licensing Act 2003 Street Trading applications open for consultation will be listed below.