Speaking at Meetings

Time is set aside at each public meeting for the public to ask questions, make comments and raise matters of concern. To make a request to speak at a public meeting please use the form below or let the Committee Officer know prior to the meeting.

Please note there are separate arrangements for meetings of the Planning Board, view here: Planning Board

The maximum time for each speaker is only for 3 minutes, with a maximum time of 20 minutes for all speakers in total. Only items on the meeting agenda will be debated/discussed by Councillors .You can speak about items which are not on the agenda, however it will not be discussed further at that meeting.

You can speak at meetings of the full Council, the Planning Board, the Licensing Board and the Standards Committee, as described in their section of the Council's Constitution.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Committee Services Team using the contact form under Useful Forms below.

To speak at a meeting please use the form under Useful Forms below.