Addressing My Property

The Council is responsible for providing official addresses to all residential and commercial properties and can reject or approve suggested street and property names.

23rd March 2020: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we will only be accepting online applications until further notice.

Apply for Street Naming or Numbering

For a rename of a property, we will notify the Land Registry of your new address but as the owners of the property you will also need to confirm this update directly with the Land Registry registered owners contact form in order for all legal documentation to be amended.  

As part of the application process, we liaise with:

Property Owners/Developers' Responsibilities

You need to apply to the Council for a new or amended official address if you want to:

  • Create a new property / properties, whether residential or commercial, as a result of building or converting existing properties
  • Rename an existing property with a name as its official address
  • Formally add a name to your numbered property
  • Rename an existing street
  • Name an existing unnamed street
  • Officially name an annexe


Street Naming and Numbering Charges
Application TypeFee
New address for a single new property£105.00
Change of individual property name£77
Confirmation of official addresses£77
New addresses for a development site, 10 plots or less£185.00
New addresses for a development of more than 10 plots£185.00, plus £10 per additional plot over 10
Change of existing street name of residents' request£185.00, plus £10 per additional property

Street Naming and Numbering is VAT exempt.

You can apply online:

Apply for Street Naming or Numbering

Royal Mail Responsibilities

  • Royal Mail allocate postcodes. If you have a query regarding your postcode please contact the Address Management department.
  • Royal Mail will not issue a postcode for a new street or property until requested to do so by the Council.

Street Name Plates

The Council is responsible for ensuring that Street Name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions. For more information regarding this please see Street Name Plates.

Street Naming and Numbering Policy

The council follows a policy for street naming and numbering which provides more detailed guidelines.

Icon for pdf Policy for Naming and Numbering my property [299.18KB]

Street Naming and Numbering Weekly Report

Icon for pdf 10th May to 14th May 2021 [7.17KB]
Icon for pdf 3rd May to 5th May 2021 [7.5KB]
Icon for pdf 26th April to 30th April 2021 [7.14KB]
Icon for pdf 19th April to 23rd April 2021 [10.74KB]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can request a new or change of address?

A property owner or their appointed representative may submit a written request. We cannot accept requests from the tenants of a property.

Can I add a name to my numbered address?

Yes, provided you are the owner. You should not choose a name similar or the same as any other house nearby. The name in this case will not officially form part of the address and the property number must still be displayed and used in any correspondence.

Can an existing number be removed from an address?

No - numbering properties makes locating them much easier for emergency services and delivery companies. The Council's policy is therefore to number properties wherever possible and not to remove existing numbers.

What building/street names are not acceptable?

The Council will not use names in official addresses for streets or properties if they are offensive, would duplicate existing names in the area or would promote an organisation or living person.

Can an address just have a building name without a building number?

The Council will always try to allocate an appropriate number to any new property address to help delivery and emergency services locate it. However, if no neighbouring properties are numbered the Council would consider allocating a name only.

Why is my address not on the Royal Mail's website?

Updates to the Royal Mail Address database can take a few months to filter through to other companies using their address search. Royal Mail does not always make addresses "Live" on their Address database until they receive confirmation that the property is occupied. This can be done through the Royal Mail's Website or by telephone on 08457 740740

Why doesn't the name of my property show on the Royal Mail's address search?

This is because when a property is named and numbered, Royal Mail will only hold the name as an "Alias" therefore if you obtain an official approved name for the property from The Council, Royal Mail may not pass this, "Alias" on to other organisations.