Scam Alerts

Scams are schemes to con you out of your money.

Types of Scams

People can often become victims of scams:

  • Cold callers on the doorstop
  • Cold callers over the telephone
  • Online
  • Post

Mendip District Council will never ask:

  • Bank details
  • PIN numbers

If you think someone is trying to scam you please contact Mendip District Council to verify the information - it is advisable to use a different phone (mobile or neighbour's phone) to ensure the phone call is not being held by the scammer.

August 2019


Mendip District Council have received reports that bogus calls from the HMRC demanding payments otherwise an arrest would be made.  Never pay always check with the agency by contacting them direct.

GOV.UK: Phishing, Bogus-emails and Calls

April 2019

Council Tax Refund Scam

Mendip District Council will never cold call people saying they are owed a refund on their council tax and asking for bank details.