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What is Rough Sleeping?

Rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness.

It is typically associated with sleeping outside, but also refers to sleeping in a place not designed for living such as an empty building or a car. Some people are at a higher risk of rough sleeping than others. Rough sleeping can pose significant risks to health and welfare.

Mendip District Council is committed to efforts to prevent and relieve rough sleeping. Services available to rough sleepers will vary depending on individual circumstances. If you see somebody that is rough sleeping, make a referral via StreetLink so that they can receive help. 


The following services are available to support people that are rough sleeping in Mendip.


Have you seen somebody sleeping rough?

What to do if you are concerned about someone who is rough sleeping.


Mendip District Council have an Outreach Team to provide support to rough sleepers throughout Mendip.

Severe Weather Emergency Provision

Severe weather conditions such as extreme cold, high wind, heavy rain, snow and heatwaves all increase the risk of harm to people sleeping rough.

Helping Rough Sleepers

It can be a challenging and complex decision on how to help someone that is rough sleeping