Help if you are sleeping rough in Mendip

Mendip District Council is committed to ending rough sleeping.

Are you currently rough sleeping?

If you are rough sleeping in this area or you are worried that you will be, you can drop into Elim Connect Centre to access their Community Outreach Service where somebody will be there to help you:

When and where you are able to get help if you are sleeping rough.
DayTimeWhereSession type
Monday9.30am to 11amAt Elim Connect Centre, Portway, WellsBreakfast drop in
Tuesday11am to 1pmAt at Fair Frome Foodbank, The Town hall, Christchurch Street West, FromeDrop in
Wednesday12pm to 1.30pmAt Elim Connect Centre, Portway, Wells Community lunch drop in
Thursday1pm to 3pmAt The Red Brick Building, Morland Road, GlastonburyDrop in
Friday3pm to 5pmAt Elim Connect Centre, Portway, Wells Soup kitchen drop in

If you are not from this area you may not be able to stay for long. To access services you may need to go back to the area where you came from.

Cold weather provision in Mendip

Nobody needs to sleep rough in Mendip during cold weather. Temporary shelter is available for Rough Sleepers throughout Mendip District Council when the weather forecast is predicted to be zero degrees or below for the following three consecutive nights in line with Government guidance.

Rough sleepers should keep in regular contact with the Connect Centre in Wells (01749 677 097) so they can avail themselves of the shelter. Spaces are limited, so phone early. This shelter provision will cease when the temperature rises above zero.

No Second Night Out

The Government's vision is to end rough sleeping and has called upon every local authority to adopt what is called the 'No Second Night Out' standard. In Mendip, we take this commitment very seriously and have made resources available so that:

  • no one new to the streets needs to spend a second night out

  • no one needs to make their home on the streets or in the woods

  • no one needs to return to sleeping rough once they have been given help to come inside

This means that services are in place so that:

  • new rough sleepers can be identified and helped to come inside immediately

  • the public can alert services if they see anyone sleeping rough so that they can be helped

  • rough sleepers can go to a place of safety where their needs can be assessed and they can get help

  • rough sleepers are able to access emergency accommodation and other services they need

  • rough sleepers from outside the area can be reconnected with their local community and a support network

Concerned about a rough sleeper?

If you are concerned that someone is rough sleeping and want the person to get help, visit the Street Link website.  The referral just takes a minute.  Alternatively you can use the following telephone number:  0300 500 0914.  Upon receiving the referral Mendip District Council will co-ordinate a visit from the local outreach team.