Report an abandoned vehicle
Report a problem with a Bus Shelter
Report a dead animal on the road
Report a Dog Fouling Offence
Report Noise Pollution - e.g. loud music, barking dogs
Report Air Pollution - e.g. chimney smoke, bonfires, dust
Report Light Pollution - e.g. security lights
Report a Contaminated Land Concern
Report Pests - e.g. rats, insects
Report Other Environmental Concerns - e.g. odour, accumulations of rubbish
Report Fly-tipping
Complaints about food items
Mendip District Council has a legal duty of care to ensure children and adults at risk are protected within the facilities, services and activities under the direct remit and control of the Council.
The Council is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with that commitment the Council encourages employees and others with serious concerns about any aspect of the Council's work to come forward and voice those concerns, in line with our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy and Strategy and Whistleblowing Policy.
Report a Street Light defect
Report Graffiti
Report Fly posting
Report missed waste collection
Report Litter
Report an empty property
Replacement or new refuse bin
Replacement or new recycling container
Report repairs needed for fences/walls/roads and footpaths under our ownership
Complain about the condition of a privately rented property
Report a complaint about water
Report a Stray/Lost Dog
Report a taxi, this could either be a complaint or for good service.
Report a Health and Safety at Work concern
Report a concern about a business open during the Pandemic (Mendip District Council area only).