Purchasing a grave

When choosing a grave there are a number of options to consider, please see the information below.

What are my options? 

If you are arranging a burial or cremation you may:

  • use a purchased grave (a grave already owned by your family)
  • purchase a new grave
  • use an unpurchased grave
  • Transfer a grave space

Please note that the land remains the property of the council; the owner simply purchases the exclusive right to use that piece of land as a burial space. 

Purchased graves

Purchased graves are those that are purchased by a nominated person (usually the next of kin of the deceased), effectively forming a private grave and giving the family control of any future burials in that grave for the next 50 years. The grave owner must give written permission before any burial or memorial work can take place in the grave.

How to purchase a new burial or cremation grave

Burial or cremation spaces can be purchased in advance of any burials being required. Please complete the Icon for pdf application form [73.85KB]and send to Mendip District Council with the relevant pre-Cemetery and Memorial Fees.  A burial or cremation grave will be allocated by us. 

You can purchase a burial or cremation grave at the same time as the funeral.  An application form and fee is still required.

You will receive a deed of exclusive right certificate as proof of purchase.  Please keep this somewhere safe.

Unpurchased graves

The council retains control of the burials in these graves. They are used for the burial of people who do not already own a purchased grave, and whose family do not wish to buy a grave at the time of making the funeral arrangements.

Memorials will not be permitted on these graves.

Transfer of graves

If a grave space was purchased by a family member who has now passed away a transfer of ownership can be arranged.  To do this you will need to complete a Icon for pdf statutory declaration form [15.64KB] and application to Icon for pdf purchase/transfer/re-issue [73.85KB]and send to us with the transfer fee.