Private Water Supplies

A private water supply is any water supply which is not provided directly by a water company e.g. a well, spring or borehole, stream, river, lake or pond. The supply may serve just one property or several properties. A private water supply must not be bought into use until the authority is satisfied that the supply does not constitute a potential danger to health. All water supplies are required to have a treatment system installed.

All private water supplies must be registered with the council if you intend to use the water for human consumption.  To register your private water supply please complete the Icon for pdf Private Water Supply Registration Form [134.86KB].  If you plan to abstract more that 20 cubic metres per day you will also need to register with the Environment Agency for an abstraction licence.

To ensure that the water supply is safe for human consumption the authority expect that a suitable treatment system will be installed and maintained on all water supplies. 

Request a water test

To arrange to have your water supply tested to ensure that it is safe to drink please complete the Water Sample Request online form under Useful Forms below.

Make a complaint about a water supply

Is there is something wrong with your water?  If your water has an unusual taste, odour or smell or your water supply is intermittent or insufficient, you can report this for investigation using the Water Complaint online form under Useful Forms below.

If you are concerned about your mains water supply contact Bristol Water on 0845 600 3600 or

Moving House?

Most mortgage companies now require sellers to demonstrate that the private water supply to a property is considered wholesome. If you would like to arrange to have a water supply tested for a house sale, please use the Water Sample Request online form under Useful Forms below. If the source of the water supply is located on land forming part of the property, please request a copy of the latest risk assessment of the water supply from the sellers.

Private Water Supply Fees 

Please visit our Fees and Charges page for information on our Private Water Supply Fees.

Private Water Fees and Charges