Glastonbury Living Spaces - Pomparles Bridge

Mendip District Council and its Cabinet are committed to addressing the wider living issues within Glastonbury. Cllr Ros Wyke the new Leader of Mendip District Council has made clear her thoughts on the increasing concerns in Glastonbury about the lack of appropriate living spaces and has set out an ambition to ensure that all sections of the local community can live harmoniously and feel welcome.

Pomparles BridgeCllr Ros Wyke said "As a new administration we will take a holistic view of the needs of the community in and around Glastonbury, doing this in a way that also supports other residents and businesses.  We don't believe it makes sense to look at the interests of any particular community group in isolation.  One of the areas we are looking at is Pomparles Bridge.  Pomparles Bridge has long been considered a traditional "Stopping Place" for gypsies and travellers".

Mendip District Council are aware of the issues being discussed within the community with regards to the boulders placed at Pomparles Bridge, but the Council's ability to move this infrastructure is limited at present, whilst occupants remain at the location. However, Mendip District Council will consider further actions following the vacation of this location.  The Council are also exploring all options for alternative sites within Glastonbury.

Cllr Wyke said "I am arranging a meeting with representatives from Glastonbury Town Council and I look forward to working in collaboration with them on this important initiative".

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