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Pollution, Noise & Nuisance

The Environmental Protection Team may be able you help you if you are badly affected by pollution, noise or nuisance

What we can help with

What other services can help with

  • Land/gardens which are untidy, unsightly or overgrown - contact our Planning Enforcement Team on 0300 303 8588
  • Fly Tipping is dealt with by the Neighbourhood Services team
  • Abandoned Vehicles is dealt with by the Neighbourhood Services team
  • Accumulation of Rubbish/Refuse in a public area - contact Somerset Waste Partnership on 01823 625700
  • Housing Public Health issues (including pests and accumulations) - contact our Housing Team on 0300 303 8588

What external agencies can help with

  • Transport Noise (road, rail and aircraft noise), although, we may be able to give you informal advice
  • Drainage (foul sewers and surface water pipes) - contact Wessex Water on 0345 600 4600
  • Drainage (watercourses, land drainage pipes & pollution - contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506

How to make an environmental complaint 

Complete the online form

Light Pollution

Light pollution is light that affects you on or in your property. Often light pollution is caused by security lights and garden lights.

Anti-idling in Mendip

"Idling" is when a vehicle's engine is left running while it is parked or stationary for a period of time, contributing further to air pollution.

Air Quality and Pollution information for Businesses

This page gives advice to businesses on their duties with regards to air quality.

Smoke Nuisance and Dark Smoke

Smoke from bonfires and chimneys from neighbouring properties, can affect people's enjoyment of their homes and become a nuisance.


Excessive noise can be a source of annoyance and stress which can interfere with everyday life, cause sleep disturbance and on occasions affect your health

Odour Pollution

An odour can be defined as a smell that is detectable. Odour is subjective, what is offensive to one person may be acceptable to another.


The Environmental Protection Team has specific legal powers within the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, to take steps to ensure that owners and occupiers of land keep their land free from large numbers of rats and mice. The legislation provides the Council with powers to require the owner or occupier of land infested by rats or mice to take any steps that are deemed to be necessary to deal with the infestation.

Accumulation of Rubbish/Refuse

An accumulation of rubbish may be investigated if there is the possibility it may be a public health concern.