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Play Areas

Mendip has 45 play areas including kick-about areas, netball courts and skate-parks, all of which are free entry. These cater for age groups between 3 and and 15 years old.

Mendip District Council's play strategy can be found Icon for pdf here. [2.58MB]. It is currently being revised and will be available in due course.

Mendip play areas and skate parks

All of our play areas and skate parks meet the requirements of the standards set by the National Playing Fields Association and are inspected to the requirements of these guidelines and Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. The list below is not exhaustive as many Mendip villages also have play areas, managed by their parish council.

How to report damage

To report any damage to a play area please use the appropriate link in the table below, providing the following information:

  • The road name and town of the play area
  • The item of equipment that has been damaged
  • The damaged caused
  • Date the damage was noticed

Please note that some town and parish councils provide and manage their own play areas and reports of any damage will need to be provided to them, as indicated in the table below.

Mendip Play Areas, Kickabouts, Netball and Skate Parks
Town/VillageLocationPostcodeTypeAge GroupReport Damage
EvercreechLeighton Lane (Westbrook Vale)BA4 6JNPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
FromeAcacia Drive (Stonebridge Drive)BA11 2TSPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Blackbird Way (Chaffinch Ave.)BA11 2USPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Cabell Road (Cabell Court)BA11 4BXPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Chapmans Close BA11 2SLNetballJuniorReport to Frome Town Council
 Cheddar CloseBA11 2DTPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Courts BartonBA11 4QBPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Egford Lane BA11 3HNPlay Area & kickaboutToddlerReport damage
 Hawksworth CloseBA11 2XWPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Masons WayBA11 4QDPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Packsaddle (Pedlars Grove),BA11 2SXPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport to Frome Town Council
 St Johns Road BA11 2BHPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Tower View (no under 5's equipment).BA11 5APKickaboutSeniorReport to Frome Town Council
 Victoria Park, Park RoadBA11 1EYPlay AreaAll agesReport to Frome Town Council
GlastonburyAbbey Park,(Fishers Hill) BA6 8AHPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Cinnamon Lane BA6 8BNPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Glastonbury Skatepark, Beckery RoadBA6 9NYSkate ParkJunior / SeniorReport damage
 Manor House Road, (rear of) KickaboutBA6 9DEKickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Palmers Green, (Palmers Rd)BA6 9PBPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Paradise Est, (Helyar Cl.)  BA6 9LQPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Pendragon ParkBA6 9PGPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 St Brides CloseBA6 9JUPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Thorndun (Holman Close/Lowerside Rd)BA6 9BHPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Windmill Hill BA6 8HPPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
MeareDowns Orchard, OxenpillBA6 9SQPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Mooreview Close, MeareBA6 9TBPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
Shepton MalletBarrington Place, by no. 12BA4 5GHPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Barrington Place, by no. 69BA4 5GHPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Collett ParkBA4 5BPPlay Area & kickaboutJunior / SeniorReport to Shepton Mallet Town Council
 Draycott Road NetballBA4 5HSNetballJuniorReport damage
 Mason Way BA4 5TNKickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Queens RoadBA4 5TQPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
 West Shepton Skate ParkBA4 5XNSkate ParkJunior / SeniorReport to Shepton Mallet Town Council
 West Shepton Playing Fields  BA4 5XNKickaboutAll agesReport damage
StreetAnthony Road, (Church Rd)BA16 0AAPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Bove MoorBA16 0DQPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Grangefields BA16 0HTPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Goss DriveBA16 0RRPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Harvester DriveBA16 0UBPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Mendip ViewBA16 9SJPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Mellanby Close BA16 0NXPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Pursey AvenueBA16 0SJPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Ringolds Way BA16 0RFPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Walton skate parkBA16 0NYSkate ParkJunior / SeniorReport to Street Parish Council
 Woods Batch  BA16 9PHPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Wraxhill ParkBA16 9PHPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
WellsBignal Rand Drive BA5 2EUPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Hawkers LaneBA5 3JHPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Lethbridge RoadBA5 2FDPlay AreaToddler / JuniorReport damage
 Lovers Walk skate parkBA5 2PSSkate ParkJunior / SeniorReport to Wells City Council
 Parsons WayBA5 2FZPlay AreaToddlerReport damage
 Tor Furlong (Barkham Close) BA5 2XUPlay Area & kickaboutToddler / JuniorReport damage