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Local Planning Policy and Guidance

The Planning Policy team is responsible for preparing and consulting on a Local Plan and related strategies to guide development in the District over the next 15 years. The team also monitors development activity and provides policy advice.

Local Plan Part I: 2006-2029

Adopted Local Plan & Guidance

Additional Planning Guidance

The following guidance adds extra information to the policies for the district and offers a more detailed explanation on how certain policies can be practically implemented.

Design and Placemaking

The quality of design is key to successful, sustainable developments which not only look attractive but can also deliver a significant number of social, health and economic benefits to local communities.

Mendip Plan Review 2020-2040

Future Review of Local Plan Part I and II

Plan summary and News

Planning Policy news.

Infrastructure Plans

Infrastructure studies and plans.

Planning Policy Consultations

Details of Planning Policy Consultations and Community Engagement.

Housing Land Supply & Development

Future Housing supply and recent development activity.

Archived Mendip District Local Plan 2002 - 2011

This Plan has now been almost entirely superseded by the Mendip District Local Plan Part 1: Strategy and Policies 2006-2029