Performance Management

Managing performance is essential in ensuring the Council is achieving those things that are important locally.

Our local priorities are set out in our Council's  and are:

  • Take a clear strategic and community leadership role for the district
  • Supporting business development and growth
  • Take all steps possible to support the provision of housing in the district
  • Improve the understanding of the rurality of Mendip district

Mendip District Council has a well established Performance Management Framework, this sets out how performance is reported across the Council together with the roles and responsibilities required to ensure we assess the quality of the service we deliver and identify where we need to improve. It is important for any organisation to monitor its performance to allow it to make informed decisions and focus on the things that matter.

The Council produces a Corporate Delivery Plan, which supports our Corporate Strategy. Our Corporate Delivery Plan details specific priorities and objectives and how these will be delivered. The Corporate Delivery Plan is supported by a Service Business Plan for each team which details specific actions to be delivered within the teams across the council.

On a quarterly basis the Performance Team produce reports which are presented at Scrutiny and Cabinet meetings. Members are updated on how the council is performing against the Corporate Strategy priorities and actions. These reports include;

  • Key messages from the Corporate Management Team
  • Performance and Key Messages against each of the Corporate Plan priorities and objectives
  • A Finance, Human Resources and Risk update
  • Customer Complaints and Praise