Other Housing Options

These include social housing in other areas, staying with friends and family and supported accommodation.

Social Housing in other areas

Some areas of the country have lower demand for social housing, and if you are prepared to relocate, you could get help much more quickly. If you need to relocate you can apply to as many different councils as you want. However, each council can decide whether to accept an application. Greater priority may be given to people who have a local connection with the area, for example if you:

  • work there
  • used to live there
  • have close relatives in the area

Staying with friends and family

This could be the best and most cost-effective option in the short or medium term. Whilst staying with friends or relatives, it is reasonable to pay money for your family's keep, but it may enable you to save up for a deposit and rent in advance for your own place.

Foyers and other supported accommodation

In some areas there are housing projects for young people called Foyers that provide help with getting into training or employment, budgeting, as well as accommodation. In a Foyer you are likely to be given a licence agreement with sets out the rules under which you can stay there. You must ensure that you pay the rent and comply with the rules.