Tree Maintenance

Mendip District Council only maintain trees that are on Mendip District Council owned land.

Before reporting an issue please check to see if the tree is located on MDC owned land.  You can do this by using our online mapping system.  

Mendip routinely survey all their trees on a 4 year cycle, before reporting please check our schedule below as we may be visiting your area soon. 

To report tree issues

We will investigate any issues regarding a MDC owned tree when reported. To report an issue please use the form below, this is sent direct to Mendips contractor Idverde.  They will contact you with an update.   

Trees not owned by Mendip

If the tree is not owned by Mendip, they might be owned or maintained by a housing association, Parish or Town Council or Somerset County Council.

Tree Policy

Icon for pdf Click here to download Tree Management policy [892.23KB]

Guidance on Trees and Hedges

For information and guidance for trees that have a tree preservation order or are in a conservation area or issues relating to hedges, please visit:  Guidance on Trees and Hedges

Survey Schedule

Tree work ordered in January 2021 as a result of the Tree Survey and/or customer reports. There is also a separate survey being undertaken to include all of the council's ash tree stock due to the national concerns over ash tree dieback:

Glastonbury tree works scheduled

  • Northload Bridge, by garage area, works to London plane, hawthorn and ash trees

Frome tree works scheduled

  • Saxonvale, safety works to trees overhanging Marchants Barton car park
  • Delmore Road, crown lift and clean for ash tree

Wells works scheduled

  • Reakes Close, works to raywood ash trees to clear street furniture/cables
  • Durkheim Drive, crown clean for ash tree
  • Keward by stream, clear fell tree near sub station which has fallen across the stream

Shepton Mallet tree works scheduled

No tree works scheduled 

Street tree works scheduled

No tree works scheduled 

Villages in Mendip works scheduled

No tree works scheduled