If you are planning to have a memorial placed on a grave, there are a number of things that you need to know.

Important points

  1. We recommend that you wait at least one year after the burial before installing a memorial so that the ground has time to settle.
  2. Your memorial is your responsibility please insure it.
  3. Please read the Icon for pdf burial guidelines [114.21KB] and contact Mendip District Council for the Rules and Regulations for our cemeteries.
  4. Memorials may have to be removed for subsequent burials. This will incur additional costs to those funerals. This is particularly the case with kerb surrounds, and so it may be advisable to wait until all of the burials in the grave have occurred before installing them.
  5. Memorials can be unstable and it is recommended that at all times you and your family members, particularly children, should avoid coming into contact with other memorials while in the cemetery.

Using a stonemason

Most people use the services of a monumental stonemason when installing a memorial. They can give you advice on which type of memorial to choose, as restrictions apply in certain sections of the cemeteries.

Before a memorial can be placed on a grave it must first be approved by the council. The stonemason will obtain permission on your behalf by submitting an application form to the council and paying the appropriate cemetery fee. They will recoup the fee from you. Please see Cemetery and Memorial Fees.

The council runs a registration scheme for all the monumental stonemasons who work within its cemeteries. This is to ensure that they all work to agreed standards.