Your Council is here for you: Mendip's leader writes to residents

This week, Mendip households will receive a personal letter from the Leader of Mendip District Council, Cllr Ros Wyke. She's writing to remind residents to reach out for support should they need it - now, and in the weeks to come. She's urging businesses to access the many financial packages available too.

Cllr Ros WykeAnd as Mendip moves forward, Cllr Wyke is keen to hear from communities as to where they feel their Council should focus its efforts and priorities, as we reopen our district together.

Read Cllr Wyke's uplifting appeal to residents to reach out, and rebuild.

"The impacts of the Coronavirus crisis have been extremely challenging. Things have changed - in some cases, forever. People are talking about the 'new normal'. No one has been left untouched.

As we adjust to the upheaval and disruption that has affected each and every one of us, we want our communities to know that their Council is here for them, working hard to ensure they have access to all the services they need, quickly and easily.

We are not just here for the elderly or ill. We are here for everyone in need.

I have written this letter to reassure residents that their welfare is of paramount importance. And to our local businesses I say, the financial support is out there. Please come and talk to us. No one is alone.

Since the start of the crisis our staff and Ward Councillors have been linking with our town and parish councils and other community networks to understand what is happening locally, and where help might be required.

What we've witnessed has been communities facing the threat together, the forging of new friendships, and countless acts of kindness. Throughout this pandemic, 'distancing' has been the buzzword and yet ironically, the sense of closeness and community has never felt stronger. We intend to nourish that, and help it grow.

Our habits have changed too of course, with many of us walking and cycling more. There is noticeably less pollution, and our wildlife is thriving. Your Council is looking to build on those positives, and remains committed to its aim of a fairer, greener and more vibrant Mendip.   

The worst of times has happened, but your Council is still here for you, with this simple pledge - nobody will be left behind."

Help, support, and news of our residents' survey

  • You can find a wide range of regularly updated information, advice and guidance for businesses, community groups and residents at   
  • In partnership with the NHS and other Somerset councils, we have established a dedicated Coronavirus Helpline: 0300 790 6275. You can ring this number for help with personal care and support including food and delivery of prescriptions, support for the homeless, emotional support if you're feeling worried or anxious, financial assistance, transport to medical appointments and waste collection and disposal.
  • Tell us your views. Complete our online survey. Simply type into your web browser.  If you don't have internet access and would like to take part in the survey, please call our customer services number 0300 303 8588.  We can arrange for you to complete the survey over the phone or we'll send you a paper copy. The Residents' Survey will be live from 1pm, Wednesday 27th May.