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Planning Policy news and overview of the Local Plan.

Coronavirus Update

The Policy Team are continuing work  on Local Plan Part 2, monitoring work, studies  and  scoping the Local Plan Part 1 review. Where possible, please use the team email for policy enquiries . Planning advice on meetings and site visits also applies.

COVID-19: Changes to Planning

Local Plan Part II Examination

Part II identifies additional housing and employment sites in the District.  This Plan was submitted for examination on 23rd January 2019 and public hearings took take place from 23rd July to 2nd August 2019.  An interim note was published on 12th September (see Examination page) and reported to cabinet on 7th October: Icon for pdf Please see report here [235.17KB]In response to the Inspector's advice, the Council published Main Modifications for consultation from 21st January to 2nd March. This included additional site allocations in the NE of the District and other revisions. The Council received a progress note (ED27) from the Inspector on 3rd April 2020. It confirms that new matters have been raised which require additional public hearings. These will be arranged for later in 2020. The Inspector will issue a statement on matters and issues to be considered at the hearings in June. Progress of the examination and documents can be found here: Examination.

Main Modifications consultation documents can be found here: Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications.
Responses to the Main Modifications can be found here: Main Modifications Responses.
The submitted Plan and Proposed Changes can be found here: Submission Documents.
The background to the plan and previous consultation stages can be found here: Local Plan Part II: Sites and Policies.

Norton St Phillip Neighbourhood Plan  

A Judicial Review into the Council's decision to approve this plan to proceed to a referendum was heard in the High Court on 24th March 2020. Further Information can be found here.

Planning Policy Consultations & Community Engagement

There are no planning policy consultations in progress or planned. Details of future consultations will form part of the work on the Local Plan Review and update to the Council's Local Development Scheme  (mid 2020).  Details of Consultations and review of the Statement of Community Involvement will be updated on the Policy Consultations page: Planning Policy Consultations.

Studies and Research

Updates the Mendip Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA Level 1) and a Highway study for Mendip were published in May 2020. 
An updated  Landscape Character study will be published in June. 
See 'Your Mendip: studies and research' page: Monitoring, Studies and Research

Local Plan Part I 

Online Local Plan Part 1 Map and Policies 

Local Plan Part 1 was adopted in Dec 2014.  It covers the period 2006-2029 and sets out the Council's overall strategy and housing requirements for the district.
It also contains development management policies used to assess planning applications. A copy of the plan and more information can be found here

Single Local Plan Review  

Cabinet confirmed in January 2020 it will review the strategy and policies in Local Plan Part 1.
See the Local Plan Review 2020 - 2040 for updates and information.

List of  Development Plan documents/ Guidance

A schedule of documents which make up the Development Plan for Mendip can be found Icon for pdf here [717.96KB].
It also includes planning guidance and a list of parish plans, design statements and conservation appraisals.
Information on Local Planning Guidance (Supplementary Documents) can be viewed here.

Local Development Scheme

The last timetable for the production of policy documents (2017) can be found Icon for pdf here [495.46KB].

Housing Delivery Test and Five Year Supply

The Development Monitoring page contains more information on the five year supply. 
Mendip is delivering homes ahead of Local Plan requirements under the National Housing Delivery Test: 2019 measurement.

Housing Delivery Test: 2019 measurement

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

There are no CIL charges on development in Mendip. Financial contributions are sought via a legal (s106) agreement where required in line with national guidance and Local Plan policies. The Council will consider CIL as part of its work on the Single Plan Review.

Gypsy and Travellers

Local Plan Part I sets out a need for a significant number of additional pitches in Mendip.
Policy DP15 is used to  assess individual applications for gypsy and traveller sites. A draft policy for the use of the Morlands site in Glastonbury is included in Local Plan Part 2 Main Modifications. No consultations have yet taken place which identify suitable sites or locations elsewhere.

Neighbourhood Planning 

Neighbourhood Plans for Frome and Rode have been adopted. 
Our Information Pack on support for Neighbourhood Planning has been updated.
The pack and details on designated areas can be found on the Neighbourhood Plans page.

Affordable Housing

The Council expect 30% of dwellings in schemes over 10 units to be 'affordable'.  In a change to adopted Local Plan Policy DP11 Affordable Housing, contributions will not be sought on proposals under 10 units. The mix and tenure of affordable units is negotiated on a case by case basis. The Council also actively support local affordable housing schemes under its Exception Sites policy. Further details can be found here.

Self and Custom build proposals

The Council maintain a register of Individuals and organisations interested in self or custom-build homes - further details are available here.

Brownfield Register

The latest register can be found here.