Local Land Charges

Local Land Charges provides a highly efficient and accurate level of service to Solicitors, Agents and members of the public requesting Search Applications to be made against residential/commercial properties and land within the District.

Important Notice

Due to increased remote working of staff and to ensure we can continue to deliver services from the Land Charges team we are requesting all searches are submitted electronically rather than by post until further notice:


We apologise if this causes any inconvenience. 

It is our aim to return all official search requests within 8-10 working days of receipt.

Local Land Charges Performance and Services status

Local Land Charges Performance and Service status

November 2018



Local Authority Searches being
returned within 8-10 working Days

Being Achieved

All Standard Searches being sent
within 8-10 Days.

Personal Search Online Access to
Local Land Charges Portal

Issue being investigated.

Issues with properties within the St Edmunds Development,
Frome.  Please complete the
online form to request the Land charges for these addresses..

IT/ System Issues

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From 1st April  2017 Vat will be added to the Con29.  Please see the new  Icon for pdf Fees Schedule. [150.15KB]

If you are not sure whether the property you require a search on is in the Mendip area, please contact Customer Services via the contact details at the bottom of this page and we will try to help you.

When submitting a Search to be processed please make sure that both the LLC1 Form and CON 29 R form state the correct address quoted. Please also make sure you send a copy of an up to date site plan clearly showing the extent and location of the land/property to be searched on in red. In cases where the address and plan do not match we will carry out the search against the area indicated on the plan unless otherwise instructed. Where searches are submitted without a plan or all of the forms the searches will be rejected.

The Local Land Charges team provides searches against the Local Land Charges register, as covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975. These usually are:-

  • Standard (Full) Search: Provides official (guaranteed) certificate of search of the Local Land Charges register (covered by Form LLC1) and additional information relating to the property (covered by Form CON29R)
  • LLC 1 Only: Provides official certificate of search solely relating to Parts 1-12 of the Local Land Charges Register
  • Personal Search: Provides access to the information held on the Local Land Charges Register but no official certificate of search

The Law Society, which regulates solicitors, encourages the use of official searches and considers that alternative personal searches of the statutory register, disclosing only limited information, should only be undertaken with the approval of the client when time does not permit official searches. You are advised to confirm with your solicitor that an official search has been undertaken and to inspect the Certificate of Official Search. You will be able to recognise an official search of this local authority as it will carry the official Mendip logo and be signed by an official signatory of the Council.

Standard (Full) Search

When buying a house/commercial property your solicitor will carry out a Local Authority Search of the Council's records. This is basically to find out about any hidden extras that are not visible to the eye. For example planning permissions and whether the building is Listed or in a Conservation Area. All official searches carried out by the Land Charges Section are covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975.

The Search Forms

There are two forms that make a full Search - the LLC1 and the CON29 R Forms. These are available from Solicitors or any legal stationers. You can also use the CON29 O form which allows you to ask a wider variety of questions and includes the Common Land (Commons) question.

The LLC1 Form

This is the Official Certificate of Search form. The replies to the LLC1 form will reveal any registered charges that affect the property. For example financial charges (these are registered by the local authority), conditional planning consents, Section 38 Agreements, Tree Preservation Orders and Improvement Grants. These charges are stored on the Local Land Charges Register which the Local Land Charges section maintains and updates. This is a statutory function.

The CON 29 Forms

This covers additional questions that are required to be answered by the Local Authority, and consists of 2 parts - the first has a set of standard enquiries. This form is called the CON29 R. The second form has a selection of optional questions and is called CON29 O.

Standard Search Fees from 1st April 2018

 New Fees from 1st April 2018

Residential Standard Search

Commercial Standard Search£135.00
Additional Parcels (each)£14.00
LLC1 Only£44.00
Con 29R Enquiries£91.00
Con29 'Optional' Enquiry (Con 29O 4 - 22)Please see
 Icon for pdf Full Fee Table [150.15KB]
Each Con29O Additional Enquiry ∆£15.00
Expedite FeeTo be advised on request

∆ This means a question the customer makes up - e.g. Are there any planning applications within 50m of this property?*

Fees for the CON29  and CON29O include VAT.

We are unable to cancel searches and offer a refund once they have been processed onto the system.  Please contact the team in the first instance to discuss and check the status. On occasions we may be able to cancel: Email address: landcharges@mendip.gov.uk

Icon for pdf Full Fee Table. [150.15KB]

Personal Search

A Personal Search provides access to the information held on the Local Land Charges Register but no official certificate of search.

Online access the Local Land Charges Register

The Local Land Charges Registers are now available to view via our Online Portal.

To learn how to navigate the Online portal guidance notes can be found here:  Icon for pdf Local Land Charges Portal user guide [950.67KB]

If you have any feedback then please complete our feedback form.  We will respond to your enquiry within 5 working days. 

We strongly advise you to use the guidance notes to navigate the portal.

Mendip Online Portal - Historic Microfiche records

Please note the Council still have a small number some records held on microfiche that are not uploaded to this register. These remaining records will be uploaded by end of July.

If you require any further investigation on a particular property then please contact Jo Edwards on 01235 422581

Local Land Charges Satisfaction Survey

The Local Land Charges team are constantly seeking new ways to improve service levels and better understand our customers' needs. By completing this survey you will be contributing to this improvement by highlighting both areas that are working well and areas that may need further development.

Land Charges Satisfaction Survey

Service Standards

The Local Land Charges Service has a vital role in protecting the financial and legal interests of prospective purchasers of land and property in the district. We provide information relating to land and property by giving access to the Local Land Charges Register. We are also responsible for maintaining the Local Land Charges Register in accordance with various statutes.

We will

  • Aim to deliver a fast, accurate Official Certificate of Search in accordance with Local Government guidelines and statute. 
  • Maintain an accurate Local Land Charges Register.

To achieve this we will

  • Aim to process a full residential or a commercial search within 10 working days of receipt
  • Provide Personal Search agents online access to the Local Land Charges Registers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Provide a duplicate of a search free of charge if misplaced within 3 months
  • Seek further information in respect of incorrect plans/cheques on the day of receipt

The volume of searches is outside the Council's control and influenced by a number of factors, including interest rates, the buoyancy of the local housing market and the local economy. Thus, in certain circumstances the above standards may not be feasible. If this is the case, we will inform you.

These are the ways in which we will check that we are delivering our promises

  • We will carry out random customer satisfaction surveys regarding our work.
  • We will scrutinise our performance figures and take prompt action if standards are not being met.

This is how we will let you know that we have done what we have promised

  • We will publish annual performance figures to show our performance.
  • We will publish literature providing information regarding the Service, its activities and performance.

Naming and Numbering my Property

The council provides official addresses to all residential and commercial properties, it is a statutory function.  The council has the power to approve or reject street names and property addresses which are submitted by developers and the general public

Addressing My Property