Development Land & Register of Brownfield Sites

Brownfield Register

This register contains details of previously developed land or buildings suitable for housing.  It does not include sites in development or those promoted for mainly commercial use. It excludes sites in open countryside or agricultural land/buildings - which are not classed as brownfield land. Sites are also assessed for suitability against the Mendip Local Plan and national planning policies.  All sites on the current register are 'Part 1' sites. Only sites on 'Part 2' of the register gain permission in principle for housing development.

More information on the Council's approach to the brownfield register can be found Icon for pdf here [195.25KB].

Sites can also be promoted to the Council for consideration on the brownfield register using the 'call for sites' form on this page.

The register (in 'open data' and other formats) can be found below:

Open data formatIcon for csv Mendip Brownfield Register [9.69KB]
Other formatsIcon for pdf Mendip Brownfield Register [214.63KB]
Brownfield Site Maps

Icon for pdf Frome - FRO009, FRO031, FRO048, FRO058 and FRO221 [1.94MB]
Icon for pdf Frome - FRO015 [1.36MB]
Icon for pdf Frome - FRO223 [1.68MB]
Icon for pdf Glastonbury - GLAS001a, GLAS001, GLAS055 and GLAS121 [924.68KB]
Icon for pdf Glastonbury - GLAS027 [1.77MB]
Icon for pdf Shepton Mallet - SHEP103, SHEP114 and SHEP115 [1.76MB]
Icon for pdf Street - STR140 [898.71KB]
Icon for pdf Wells - WELLS120, WELLS121 and WELLS125 [1.27MB]
Icon for pdf Meare - MEA045 [977.54KB]
Icon for pdf Norton St Philip - NSP002a [1.03MB]
Icon for pdf Rode - RODE006 [1.02MB]
Icon for pdf Rudge - OPEN127 [582.86KB]
Icon for pdf Walton - WAL010 and WAL028 [866.52KB]
Icon for pdf Wookey - WOOK011 [839.21KB]
Icon for pdf Wraxall - OPEN125 [562.86KB]

Submitting Details of Land or Sites to the Council

Landowners, organisations or developers can promote land to the Council as available for housing and commercial development.
Details of land can be submitted at any time using the 'call for sites form' below.   You can also supply further information to update existing submitted sites.

The Council will consider these sites and others in producing development plans and land supply studies. 

The Council may publish Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments (referred to as HELAA or SHLAA) from time to time which review promoted sites or other work supporting the Local Plan.

Land Promoted in Local Plan Part II

The most recent maps and assessments of land promoted as available were published as part of the Local Plan Part II issues and options consultation. The Council have also considered additional sites submitted during this consultation and up to December 2016. New sites are unlikely to be considered by the Council in Local Plan Part II. Guidance on specific sites or land can be obtained by contacting the Planning Policy team.

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