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Housing Land Supply & Development

Future Housing supply and recent development activity.

Annual Monitor of Housing Completions

Counts of completed and permitted dwellings for towns and villages from 1st April 2006 to 31st March 2020. The latest survey is as at 31st March 2020. The next survey (March 2021) will be available in September 2021. 

Icon for pdf Housing Completions 2021 [139.73KB]
Icon for pdf Affordable Housing Completions 2021 [137.14KB]

Five Year Housing Supply

Local Planning Authorities are expected to identify and maintain a five year supply of housing sites in the district.

The latest position statement and supporting evidence is based on completions and consents as at 31st March 2020 and site progress updates at January 2021.
These show the Council cannot demonstrate a five year housing land supply against government housing targets, which came into effect in December 2019.

Icon for pdf Statement on Five Year Housing Land Supply [263.61KB]
Icon for pdf Mendip Housing Trajectory [863.27KB]
Icon for pdf Councillor Presentation on Five Year Supply – 29th January 2020 [1.24MB]

Progress reports on major housing sites:

Icon for pdf Frome Housing Progress Report 2021 [326.92KB]
Icon for pdf Glastonbury and Street Housing Progress Report 2021 [265.51KB]
Icon for pdf Shepton and Wells Housing Progress Report 2021 [408.72KB]
Icon for pdf Villages Housing Progress Report 2021 [365.98KB]

Supply of Gypsy and Traveller Sites

The Council monitor permissions granted against the current estimates of need.

Gypsy and Traveller Sites - Icon for pdf monitoring report [299.23KB] (December 2019).

Employment Land and Premises Monitor (ELP)

This report tracks development progress on allocated/emerging employment sites. It also provides a 'snapshot' of recent completions, permissions and allocations and larger retail consents. The monitor reflects progress and proposals as at January 2020.

Icon for pdf ELP Monitoring Report [637.98KB]

Community Facilities in Primary and Secondary villages

Core Policy 1 of the Local Plan Part 1 identifies a hierarchy of settlements in Mendip including the five main towns and a group of 16 Primary and 13 Secondary Villages. The definition of Primary and Secondary Villages is linked to a number of key services and facilities. A change in key facilities may be taken into account as a 'material consideration' when determining individual planning applications or site allocations in the Local Plan Part II.

Icon for pdf Services and facilities in Mendip villages April 2017 [344.16KB]

Land promoted for development & Brownfield Register

Information on promoting land to the Council for development and brownfield sites can be found on the Development Land page.

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