Homeless Application

Information about what we can do to help if you are at risk of being homeless and also what you will need to do.

You can either contact the Housing Options Team on 0300 303 8588 or make a homeless application online.
We will need to see evidence of who you are, your income and any evidence that you are homeless or at risk. When you call us, we will advise you what documents to have available. If you can bring all of the documents to your interview, we can process your application more quickly and provide more immediate advice and support to help you.
If you are threatened with homelessness within 56 days, you are likely to be owed the 'Prevention Duty'.
If you are homeless and eligible for assistance, we have a duty for 56 days to help you find accommodation. This is called the Relief Duty.
During the Prevention or Relief duty, you must complete the steps as recorded in your Personal Housing Plan. If you do not complete the steps as required, the Council can end the duty owed to you. If this happens, the Council must end its duty to you in adherence to the Councils Non-Cooperation procedure.
If you become homeless, we will assess if you are in shelter priority need.
If you disagree with certain decisions within your homeless application, you can ask for that decision to be reviewed by a Senior Officer who was not involved in the original decision-making process. This is called a s202 Review.
Where the council has been unable to prevent or relieve homelessness and is satisfied that an applicant is eligible for assistance, in priority need, and unintentionally homeless then it owes the main housing duty.