Reminder to Local residents to respond to important voter registration form

As part of Mendip's annual voter registration canvass, households in Mendip received a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) a couple of weeks ago to check whether the information that appears on the electoral register is correct.

CanvassThe council are reminding residents to respond to the HEF to ensure the electoral register is up to date and identify any residents who are not registered. 

If residents confirm that the details on their HEF is correct, no further action will be taken and all electors will remain on the electoral register. 

If residents inform the council that there are new people eligible to register, they will receive an invitation to register. Residents can also go online and register at once they have responded to the HEF.

It is important that anyone who has moved address recently to look out for the form and check whether they are registered.  

If residents have any questions or have not received the HEF, please contact the elections team by emailing or calling 0300 3038588.

To find out more about the annual canvass, please visit our website: