Green and Woodland Burials

Green or woodland Burials are all about choice. They are not going to suit everyone but they do provide a choice for those who are interested in this type of environmentally friendly interment. Any religion can be catered for as there is not any particular religious affiliation.

A woodland or green burial site is similar in operation to a traditional cemetery in that it has a number of plots, a grave plan and a register of plot owners. Visually however it is different. There are no individual stone memorials or marked graves, but an overall planting scheme of trees and shrubs. Over time the site develops into a woodland attracting a wide variety of wildlife. The natural process of decomposition is encouraged through the use of bio degradable coffins and shallower graves than in a more traditional cemetery.

Most Woodland Burial companies form a Trust to safeguard use, administer and maintain the land once the site is full.

Mendip District Council do not have a green burial site at present.

Glastonbury and Sharpham Burial Board which manages Glastonbury cemetery does have a green burial section. If you would like to know more please use the web link for Glastonbury Town Council.