Grass Cutting

We cut the grass on all land owned or managed by Mendip District Council (between March and October) and it will be cut approximately every three weeks. Council field and meadow areas are generally cut twice a year. For health and safety reasons grass cutting is not carried out when we experience extreme weather conditions. We may undertake an additional cut in the winter if weather permits.

 Land owned/managed includes:

  • verges (rural verges are usually cut by the Somerset County Council)
  • Sponsored roundabouts
  • public open spaces
  • sports fields
  • parks / play areas
  • town centres
  • cemeteries
  • closed churchyards

We do not cut grass that is:

  • privately owned
  • on properties or estates owned by bodies other than the Council

How to report it:

To report problems with the grass in any of these areas use our online form or contact us by email, telephone or post providing the following information:

  • Location e.g. town or village and road name
  •  What the problem is with the grass