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We will do all that we can to remove graffiti from our own property within seven days and we can advise private owners to try and achieve the same; however, the responsibility for removal from other properties lies with the respective owner. Graffiti is in some circumstances considered criminal damage by the police and therefore if your property is affected this should be reported to them.

Graffiti on historic buildings

Many buildings throughout the Mendip District Council area are Listed (historic buildings); it may therefore in these instances be advisable to contact the Council's Conservation Section prior to starting any work.

How to report graffiti

You can report a problem with graffiti using our online form, by email, telephone or post, please give as much information as you can. For Instance:

  • location e.g. town or village and road name
  • description of graffiti and is it offensive
Last modified: 12 July 2013 iCM Form