Cemetery and Memorial Fees

Cemetery and memorial fees in the Mendip area.

Interment and Exclusive Right fees for residents who live in the Mendip area but not in the parish of the cemetery are increased by 50%.

Non Mendip residents can be buried in one of the council's cemeteries - fees for interment and Exclusive Right are doubled in this instance

Table of Cemetery and Memorials fees
IntermentChargeNew Fees as of 1st April 2019
Children under 16 yearsFree                  Free
Adult single depth£533£586
Adult double depth£627£689
Cremated remains or casket£189£208
Scattering of ashes£66£66
Exclusive RightChargeCharge
Children under 16 years£69£76
Cremation Plots£329£362
Transfer of ownership of grave£48£48
Pre purchase of Exclusive Right (burial plot)£706£776
Pre purchase of Exclusive Right (cremation plot)£470£517
Headstone (maximum height 1070mm)£207£228
Flat or Desk tablets£139£153
Second inscription£52£57
Ledge to cover whole of grave (lawn section only)£339£373
Memorials in Older sectionsChargeCharge
Kerbs or cover ledger£339£373
Total kerb surround including headstone£483£531
Use of chapel (Shepton Mallet and Street)£41£45
Plaque on Remembrance Wall (Shepton Mallet)£42£46