Landscape and Environment

Landscape Character Assessment 2020

The revised Landscape Character Assessment and maps can be found on an interactive website in August 2020.

Individual report chapters can be found below. Note- These are large pdf files and will take time to open and download.

Previous Landscape and environmental studies use to support adopted Local Plan policy can also be found below.

Mendip Landscape Character Assessment 2020 - Consultation Draft

Icon for pdf Section 1-2 Introduction and Previous Studies [10.82MB]
Icon for pdf Section 3 Mendip in Context [4.64MB]
Icon for pdf Section 4 Mendip in Numbers [3.55MB]
Icon for pdf Section 5 District Wide Assessment [12.35MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.1 Central Mendip [19.15MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.2 East Mendip [19.78MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.3 Frome Valley [16.39MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.4 Cotswold Edge [13.63MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.5 Batcombe Down and Valleys [11.95MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.6 Lias Lowlands and Ridges [13.64MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.7 The Moors [13.92MB]
Icon for pdf Section 6.8 Wookey Islands [12.74MB]
Icon for pdf Section 7 Valued Landscapes [2.38MB]
Icon for pdf Section 8 Future Changes [8.48MB]
Icon for pdf Section 9 Policy and Projects [8.16MB]
Icon for pdf Appendix 3 - Landscape Value Appraisal - Updated [817.83KB]
Icon for pdf Appendix 2 - Recommendations for LVIA [3.19MB]

Local Plan Part 1: Landscape and Environment evidence 

Icon for pdf Assessment of Special Landscape Features (November 2012) [2.95MB]
Icon for pdf Strategic Landscape Appraisal of the Main Towns (October 2006) [272.57KB]
Landscape Assessment of Mendip District (May 1997)
Landscape Assessment of the Mendip Hills (May 1996) 
Landscape Assessment of the Fringes of the Towns in the Mendip District (August 1996)

Open Space Studies supporting adopted Policy DP16

Icon for pdf Mendip Open Space Study 2012 [3.23MB]
Icon for pdf Technical Paper Update 2012 [1.03MB]

The intention of this study is to give a picture of what open spaces exist within the district, what type of open space they are, their quality and relative accessibility. This information has been used in the production of the Open Space Technical Paper.

Biodiversity studies supporting adopted Policy DP5

Mendip Biodiversity Action Plan

This study outlines which important species and habitats have been prioritised in the district for protection and enhancement.


Mendip has a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) which outlines which important species and habitats have been prioritised in the district for protection and enhancement.
This report describes and classifies the landscape of the Mendip Hills.
This study gives an assessment of the landscape around the five towns in relation to their landscape character and development issues.
The assessment uses the principles of the Countryside Commission's landscape assessment methods to identify landscape character areas within the district.