Organising an event or filming on council land

If you want to hold an event or film on land owned by the council, you need permission from our Neighbourhood Services department.

Information about organising an event or filming on council land

There are some great locations in Mendip.

  • Anyone can organise an event or use council land for filming
  • An event can be anything from a sponsored walk or community picnic through to a food festival
  • A film request can be from an interview to a cinema blockbuster
  • Anywhere outside on public land can be considered a possible event / film site.
  • You can have an event or film at any time of year

For a list of the locations Mendip has to offer, please visit our Locations page.

Mendip: Locations

There are event fees to consider and time frames for application, with a consultation period of two months required before any permission is granted to use the Council land for large events.

Mendip: Fees and Charges

Mendip: Time Frame for Applications

Before planning your event or film please check the area of land you want to use is available and suitable for the type of event / filming by completing an Event Notification Form in the application process below.

Mendip: Step by step process - Events only

Mendip: Step by step process: Filming only

Street Trading Licence

Street Trading is defined as: The selling or offering for sale of any article in the street. This includes food for example burgers, kebabs, doughnuts chips and other things such as household items, flowers or Christmas Trees. Further information can be found on our Licensing page.

Mendip: Licensing

Bishops Barn

The Bishop's barn is a fifteenth century listed stone building in the historic centre of the City of Wells. The barn, bandstand and recreation ground are both available for community events and private bookings.
To make a booking please refer to the Hire the Bishops Barn, Bandstand and Wells Recreation Ground information below.

Mendip: Hire the Bishops Barn, Bandstand and Wells Recreation Ground

Market rights

Market rights are required even if your event is not being held on Mendip District Council owned land.  Mendip District Council has the market rights charter for the Mendip area.

Icon for pdf Market Rights [254.32KB]
Icon for pdf Market Rights application form [138.27KB]

Litter and Refuse

Litter must be cleared by the event / production crew during and after the event / filming production around the site boundary. Consultation with the Local Authority contractor must be sought in regards to litter bins and street cleaning. There may be an additional charge due to excessive use applied by the contractor directly. Waste other than public litter emanating from the event / production must be removed from site by a certified trade waste company.

Toilet Cleaning Service Charge

When organising an event please be aware that the toilets are only cleaned during the day up until 8pm April to September and until 6pm October to March. If your event will have an impact on the public conveniences there will be a service charge.

Trading Standards

If you think a company has broken the law or acted unfairly, you might be able to report them to Trading Standards.

Citizens Advice: Trading Standards

Firework displays

If you wish to hold a bonfire/firework event on land owned by the Council, you will need to get permission to do so.  Events of this nature will need to follow the usual event application procedure with particular attention to health and safety concerns.  Before applying you will need to read the guidance below and and contact the local fire service to inform them that you would like to hold a firework display. 

For more Information about fireworks safety, please visit our Fireworks Safety page below.

Mendip: Fireworks Safety

For further information from Health and Safety Executive about hosting a Fireworks display, please use the links below.

HSE: Managing Crowds Safely

HSE: Giving Your Own Fireworks Display

HSE: Working Together on Firework Displays

You will also need to provide the following information with the application;

  • A site plan of the fall out areas
  • Good practice and procedures information
  • Fire fighting equipment should be maintained and tested.  A log of fire extinguishers, locations and date of service needs to be supplied.
Please follow this step by step process guide when applying to use Council land for events only
Please use this step by step process guide when requesting to use Council land for filming
An event notification form should be submitted initially. Application timescales vary depending on the type of event or size of filming production.
Could these areas be suitable for your event and filming requirements?