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Bringing Empty Properties back into use

Empty properties are a wasted resource. Bringing empty properties back into use features as a key priority in Mendip District Council's Housing Strategy. Demand for affordable good quality housing in the District remains high.

Mendip District Council Empty Homes Strategy has been set up to locate empty properties in the area and to provide advice, and in some cases funding, to assist the property owners to bring them back into use so that affordable homes can be provided for local people.

Mendip has a dedicated Empty Homes officer who can be contacted on 0300 303 8588.

How You Can Help Us

We need to locate all the empty properties in the area so that we can provide advice and support to owners to bring them back into use. You can help if you own, or live near an empty property. Please contact the Empty Homes Officer.

VAT discounts on Renovating Empty Homes

Bringing empty properties back into use can be costly if they require extensive renovations. The government has introduced a number of tax changes, which may help with the overall costs.
Additionally if you are considering selling your empty property, changes to capital gains tax will mean that less capital gains tax is payable.

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