Mendip District Council's Charity of the Year

Every year, staff put forward local charities to nominate as Mendip District Council's Charity of the Year. Staff have chosen to support Time is Precious as their Charity of the Year 2020.

About Time is Precious 

Time is PreciousProud parents Neil and Nicky Halford's world was shattered when they said goodbye to their son Ben as he lost his long and brave battle against cancer.

One moment Ben Halford was a normal, happy, gorgeous little boy, learning to walk and talk, exploring his world with delight and full of chuckles for his doting mum and dad, and the next, he was fighting for his life.

Time Is Precious Supports individual children with equipment for their home, called Bens Gift.

"With thanks for the amazing support from the community, we can try to help more children"

Over the years we have had several individual requests, to support children in their home. Unfortunately we have had to turn these down, as it has not been in our deeds to do so. However, this has now been passed by the charity commissions.

We are overwhelmed to be able to do this, as we want to help as many children as possible.

How do Mendip District Council support?

Mendip staff holds various events throughout the year to raise as much money as possible and have set a target of £3000.

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