Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey Privacy Notice

What we do with the information you give us when you take part in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey.

You have specific rights in relation to the data that you provide to the Council. To find out more, including how to make a request, please see our Information Rights page.

Information Rights

Privacy Notice
Services covered by this privacy noticeCoronavirus (COVID-19) Survey 
Purpose of the Processing

The personal data provided is processed anonymously to understand the needs of residents during the COVID-19 pandemic and their priorities for the district at this time and in the future. This includes analysis, summary and reporting on survey responses, all anonymously.

Where individuals chose to provide contact details (email, telephone number) in respect of future Residents' Panels, this data will be stored separately from the survey responses and will not be used to link responses to specific individuals.

Legal Basis for Processing Personal DataPublic task
Categories of Personal Data being Processed
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number

*Only in respect of those people wishing to be contacted about future consultation

Special Categories of Personal Data being Processed (if appropriate)
  • Health (physical and mental)
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Ethnicity
Legal Basis for Processing Special Categories of Personal DataSubstantial Public Interest
Who the data might be shared with

The information you provide, which will be processed anonymously, may be shared with:

  • Other council departments
  • Partner Organisations
  • The public (via press/media releases)
  • SNAP surveys (survey provider)
How Long Will the Data be Kept For

Where you provide contact details in relation to future consultations and Residents' Panel, this data will be kept for no longer than 2 years.