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Covid-related arrears

Mendip Housing Options Team have created the Tenancy Hardship Scheme (THS) to help renters in rent arrears to get back on their feet.

Who is eligible for the THS?

To apply for the THS, you must have had financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic that meant that you have not been able to pay your rent.

You will:

  • have built up rent arrears since the 1st of March 2020
  • have struggled to pay your rent or rent arrears due to Covid-19
  • live in and hold a tenancy in Mendip
  • have a landlord that is willing to allow you to continue to remain in the property once the arrears are cleared
  • not have been able to fully pay your rent during the period when you went into arrears because of Covid-19

You will not be eligible for the THS if you have not experienced financial hardship during Covid-19 and deliberately not paid your rent to your landlord or agent.

What you will need to make an application?

When you apply you will need to provide evidence to help the local authority to make a decision on whether to award you with a grant. You will need:

  • proof of ID (a driving licence or a passport or a birth certificate with household bills that prove your address for the last three months)
  • a copy of your bank statements for at least the past two months (including any saving accounts you have)
  • a copy of your tenancy agreement
  • evidence and explanation that you have not been able to pay your rent because of Covid-19 - which will include a review of your finances

The local authority will ask you to complete an application form and to engage with Citizens Advice Mendip to support your application for grant.  Providing this quickly, will help them to process your application.

How to apply?

Contact the Mendip Housing Options Team on 0300 303 8588.

After you submit your application

Your details will be checked and you will be contacted about your application. You will be expected to engage with Citizens Advice Mendip and provide information on your income, how you have been affected by the pandemic, and how this has affected your ability to pay your rent.

It is helpful to let your landlord or agent know that you are applying for a grant, as the local authority will also contact your landlord or agent who will be asked to provide a written statement confirming that you are a tenant of theirs and that you are in rent arrears and by how much.

The local authority will then let you know whether your application has been approved or not. You may also be contacted if you need to provide more information.

Ongoing support for tenants

Tenants accessing this scheme will be referred for debt advice / budgeting support with Citizens Advice Mendip.