Chair of the Council

The Chair is elected by the District Councillors at the Annual Meeting in May each year. The Deputy-Chair is appointed at the same meeting.

Any elected Member of the Council is eligible for appointment to the office of Chair apart from Members of the Cabinet.

The current Chair is: Councillor Helen Sprawson-White

The current Deputy Chair is: Councillor Bente Height

The Chair of the Council has two main roles:

1. Civic Role

The Chair acts as an ambassador for Mendip District Council.  They represent the Council at civic and ceremonial events.

2. Council Role

The Chair is responsible for:

  • upholding and promoting good governance in accordance with the Council's Constitution.
  • presiding over meetings of the Council, the Chair has a casting vote in all decisions taken by the Council and this is exercised in the event of a tie at a Council meeting.

The role of the Chair is separate from that of the Leader of the Council who is the political head of the Council and will speak for the Council on all aspects of policy and Cabinet business.

The Deputy Chair supports the Chair in their role and will act as the Chair in their absence.