Heritage Conservation

The Heritage Conservation Team is responsible for providing professional advice and guidance with regards to all aspects of the historic built environment.

It advises the Council's Planning Team on listed building consent and planning applications affecting heritage assets and their settings. It also works closely with the Planning Enforcement Team in respect of unauthorised works, urgent works and repairs notices.

It can advise owners and agents on a wide range of topics related to the conservation and repair of historic buildings as well as providing contact details for specialist conservators and sources of products and materials appropriate for use in historic buildings.

The Heritage Conservation Team provides a pre-application advice service giving advice to customers intending to make an application which is likely to have an effect on a heritage asset.  Further information can be found on the Pre Application Advice  page.

Other work undertaken includes the designation of new conservation areas and the review of existing ones, the production of conservation area appraisals and the maintenance of a Heritage at Risk Register.

This page contains details of various guidance notes and organisations that provide advice on the conservation of heritage assets and how to identify, respect, preserve and enhance local character and distinctiveness in our cities, towns, villages and countryside.