During the current Covid-19 Crisis we are asking that you please don't have bonfires

With everyone largely staying at home during these difficult times, we are asking Mendip residents to be considerate to their neighbours and avoid having bonfires.

bonfireSmoke from fires can:

  • aggravate the symptoms of those suffering from respiratory conditions such as Covid-19 and especially those who are most vulnerable
  • cause people stress when they are staying at home to shield, isolate or social distance

Additionally, the risk of uncontrolled fires places unnecessary demand on the Fire Service.

By not having bonfires you are supporting everyone and allowing the council and the Fire Service to focus resources where they are most needed.

Alternatives:  Our advice is to compost your garden waste or if it is not suitable to compost, store it, as well as any other waste, until it can be collected or taken to one of our household recycling centres.

We realise this is not ideal, but your cooperation during this time will help you and your neighbours and protect the NHS.

More information can be found on our website: Smoke Nuisance and Dark Smoke