New Guidance on Validation Requirements and Local Fees and Charges for Planning

From 1st May 2021, applicants and agents will have greater clarity on the information required to apply for planning permission and associated planning-related fees.

Planning Application Validation Guidance

Every submitted planning application or similar consent requires a certain level of information to be provided to allow it to be properly assessed, these are known as validation requirements.

There are compulsory national requirements set by the government and our own local requirements to meet our adopted Development Plan policies.

Clear and robust validation requirements have the following benefits:

  • They set out the scope of information required at the outset to ensure a 'fit for purpose' submission.
  • They provide applicants with certainty as to the level of information required.
  • They minimise the need for further submission of additional information and therefore provide the authority with a reasonable opportunity to determine applications within the prescribed period.

To aid applicants and agents in making an application, we have produced a Planning Application Validation Guidance document which reflects both the national guidance on the validation of applications and our own local requirements.

It outlines the specific requirements for all types of application, and reasons and thresholds for each validation requirement have been provided so that it is clear when and why a requirement is necessary. This provides clear justification and certainty as to the level of information required to make an application valid.

Icon for pdf Planning Application Validation Guidance 2021 [6.39MB]

Local Planning Fees and Charges

It is commonly acknowledged that planning-related fees were introduced so that users of the planning system, rather than taxpayers in general, meet the costs incurred by local planning authorities in deciding planning applications.

Planning fees in England are set nationally by the government with fees for discretionary and additional services set locally on a cost-recovery basis.

To provide clarity on what fees and charges relate to the use of our planning service, we have produced a Planning Fees and Charges document which outlines all the additional services we provide and their associated fee, along with information on where to find up-to-date nationally set planning fees.  

Icon for pdf Planning Fees and Charges 2021 [287.23KB]