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Scrutiny Board, Tuesday 17 May 2022 - Inquorate

This meeting will be held in the Council Chamber, Mendip District Council, Shepton Mallet at 6.30 pm. Please note that due to COVID restrictions attendance will be limited.

You can view the live stream of the meeting by clicking this link and selecting 'Watch on the web instead'.

Due to Covid safe measures the numbers of attendees who can be accommodated at meetings remains restricted. If you do wish to physically attend a meeting as a member of the public you must contact Democratic Services at to register your attendance. This is so that the available capacity can be monitored and access carefully controlled. If you do not register your intention to attend in this way, you may not be able to physically access the meeting. Anyone wishing to attend who experiences any COVID symptoms must not come to the meeting, but can continue to observe the proceedings online. 

Please note, the film of the meeting will only be available for 150 days after the date of the meeting.

Icon for pdf Scrutiny Board Agenda and Reports Pack 17.05.22 [2.73MB]

At the meeting the Chair advised that the minimum number of Members required to be physically in attendance to make the meeting quorate had not been reached.  As a result, the meeting proceeded on an informal basis.

Icon for pdf Item 00_Scrutiny Board Agenda 17.05.22 [184.92KB]

1        6.30pm         CHAIR'S ANNOUNCEMENTS
The Chair will give their announcements.  Mobile phones should be switched to silent and the evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency will be explained.

2                            APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE
To receive apologies from Members who are unable to attend the meeting.

3                            DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST 
If a member of the Scrutiny Board or other member of the Council present at the meeting has a personal or prejudicial interest in any agenda item during this meeting, they should declare its existence and nature publicly.

4                            PUBLIC PARTICIPATION  
a)              For items on the agenda
b)              For items not on the agenda

5        6.45pm         MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING
The minutes of the meetings held on 15 February 2022 will be considered.
Icon for pdf Item 05 Previous Scrutiny Board Minutes 15.02.22 [166.62KB]

As part of the work carried out by the Scrutiny Board, in the last eighteen months, a series of sessions took place to agree areas of priority for scrutiny outside of usual reporting.  The complaints process was an area highlighted. Members agreed that they wished 'to scrutinise the way the council monitors and reviews complaints received and the approach taken to learn from complaints, to understand whether there is a systematic approach to learning from complaints, identifying patterns and making improvements in service delivery.' A presentation will be made to cover this and allow discussion.
Icon for pdf Item 06 Spotlight Session on Corporate Complaints [362.12KB]
Icon for pdf Item 06a Compliments Comments and Complaints Policy [176.09KB]

This report provides a summary of the high-level priorities that support the delivery of the Corporate Delivery Plan.
Icon for pdf Item 07 Corporate Performance Management Report Quarter 4 2021-22 [132.83KB]
Icon for pdf Item 07a Corporate Performance Management Report Quarter 4 2021-22 Appendix A Q4 Corporate Performance Management Report [765.99KB]
Icon for pdf Item 07b Corporate Performance Management Report Quarter 4 2021-22 Appendix B Historical Data [403.14KB]
Icon for pdf Item 07c Corporate Performance Management Report Quarter 4 2021-22 Appendix C Frequently Used Acronym Decoder [67.76KB]

This presentation is the Annual Review from Fusion Lifestyle. It will advise Members of Fusion's response to the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, up to December 2021.
Icon for pdf Item 08 Fusion Lifestyle - Mendip Annual Review [136.88KB]
Icon for pdf Item 08a Fusion Lifestyle - Mendip Annual Review Presentation [682.23KB]

9        8.30pm        YEAR END OUTTURN FINANCE REPORT
This will be a verbal update from the S151 Officer on the financial end of year and emerging issues.

a Climate and Ecological working group: Councillor Janine Nash
b Policies and Strategies working group: Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-Adams
c Access working group: Councillor Phillip Ham
d Breaking the cycle of disadvantage working group: Councillor Chris Inchley.
e Contracts working group: Councillor Barbi Lund
f Glastonbury Town Deal
Icon for pdf Item 10fi Glastonbury Town Deal Scrutiny Working Group - notes 21.04.22 [171.77KB]
Icon for pdf Item 10fii Glastonbury Town Deal Scrutiny Working Group - notes - 26.04.22 [142.53KB]

11      9.30pm         URGENT BUSINESS
To consider any other business which the Chair decides is urgent.