Glastonbury Towns' Fund - Call for Expressions of Interest

Do you have an idea or project proposal for the Glastonbury Town Deal? We want to know about it!

This Towns Fund presents a significant and unique opportunity for Glastonbury.  Together we can make the most of it.Mendip District Council Logo

The deadline for submissions was 11:59pm on the 5th October 2020.  

Your point of contact for potentially working with others in order to achieve bids of over £1m and looking for more information is

For more detailed information: Towns Fund: further guidance from GOV.UK website

Background on Glastonbury Towns Fund Investment Plan

In September 2019, the government invited 100 towns to develop proposals for a Town Deal.  Happily, Glastonbury is one of those towns.

Glastonbury is a unique and historic town with a rich industrial past.  However, the population is ageing, higher skill Glastonbury Town Council logolevels are needed to attract new businesses and retain young people.  Some parts of the town are more prosperous than others.  This significant injection of capital funding would enable many of these issues to be addressed and to improve public transport, housing and digital connectivity.

Glastonbury has access to a total fund of £24.5 million.  The money is to be used to develop interventions that will address Covid and environmental issues and to drive the suitable regeneration of the Town for long term economic and productivity growth.

The area covered by this fund is outlined at Icon for pdf Annex A. [2.11MB]

Purpose of this Call for Expressions of Interest

This is perhaps the best chance that Glastonbury will ever have to propose and deliver strategic, innovative and existing projects that will ensure that the town has an exciting future.

We are looking for large capital projects with a threshold spend of circa £1 million.  Smaller capital projects may be submitted but they must be 'nestled' under or together with a larger one. Please talk to others to may be submitting something similar to your project and see if you can work together.  We will also link similar projects up if that appears to be beneficial.

This is an opportunity for you to make suggestions without doing the work for a full proposal. 

Projects submitted at this stage will be scrutinised for fit with the intervention framework, community support and the needs of Glastonbury alongside viability and deliverability.

Who is this document being sent to?

  • Glastonbury Towns' Fund Board members
  • Somerset County Council
  • Mendip District Council
  • Glastonbury Town Council
  • Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce
  • Strode College
  • St Dunstan's School
  • Youth Council
  • Glastonbury Information Centre
  • Wessex Water
  • Upper Brue & Upper Axe Internal Drainage Board
  • Tor Leisure
  • Larger businesses, including builders and developers, in and around Glastonbury
  • Businesses and organisations linked to the Tourism strategy
  • Boards/managing councils of local organisations including volunteer sector perhaps some carefully selected national organisations

Working with others

We encourage you to collaborate with others in the development of your project and would like to know who they are.  It is critically important that you talk to others particularly to ensure that your (and their!) project meets the £1m threshold.

What do we need to know?

  • Your vision for the Town
  • What you think Glastonbury is like now
  • What you feel are the main challenges facing the town, including Covid-related
  • The town's assets and strengths
  • Key opportunities for the town, especially re: green issues
  • What is missing that would enhance Glastonbury?
  • What single development would improve the town?
  • Evidence of need, relevant to proposed projects
  • How your project fits with the Intervention/proposed project Framework at Annex B.