Calling Mendip tradespeople to become accredited for Green Homes Grant work

Mendip District Council is encouraging local Tradespeople to register for TrustMark or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation to be able to carry out works for the Government's Green Homes Grant scheme.

greener homesThe Green Homes Grant scheme, which is due to go live in September, will allow Mendip residents to apply for vouchers of up to £5000 for Green home improvements where the government will fund up to two-thirds of the cost of the works, which may help families potentially save up to £600 a year on their energy bills. Homeowners and landlords can apply, and low income households will be eligible for up to 100% government funding up to £10,000.

Only Tradespeople who sign up to the TrustMark accreditation or MCS will be able to undertake the Green home improvements. It's an opportunity for them to have access to more work in the Mendip area compared to those tradespeople not accredited, and also ensures quality and peace of mind to property owners that the works being carried out are to a high standard and offers consumer protection.

The vouchers scheme will cover home insulation, low-carbon heating, draught proofing, windows and doors, and heating controls and is eligible for all owner-occupied homes, landlords of privately and  socially rented properties, park home owners, as well as people on low-income.

A motion was carried at Full Council on Monday, 20 July, to offer encouragement and advice to residents and tradespeople about the scheme to maximize those receiving the vouchers to help meet the Council's corporate objectives of a greener and fairer Mendip. 

Cllr Richard Pinnock, Portfolio Holder for Housing Services said: "We hope both residents and tradespeople make the most of the government scheme. It is a fantastic opportunity to create work and jobs for local people, help reduce household bills as well as improve quality of life, and also decrease the carbon footprint across the district."

Energy used to heat and power Mendip households accounts for 25% of the district's total carbon emissions and that's estimated to rise by 30,000 tonnes by 2030. It shows how important it is for residents to apply for the vouchers, to get affordable home improvements, to reduce Mendip's carbon footprint.

If you need advice and support on how to apply for the Green Homes Grant voucher, please contact the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) or visit The Simple Advice Service at

Register for Trust Mark Accreditation here

Register for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme here

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