Somerset Covid-19 Active Travel Map

Identify locations in your community that may need temporary adjustments to help ensure that people can get about safely during the Covid-19 crisis. Please tell us where these changes are working well and where we need to improve.

Comments will be reviewed, and temporary measures may be put in place or adjusted where appropriate. Initially measures are being prioritised to ensure public safety, but information from this site will be used to help inform further active travel improvements that we hope to deliver when more government funding becomes available.

Somerset Covid-19 Travel Map

Somerset's Covid-19 Active Travel Map has been developed to help people stay safe and to encourage active travel during and after the Covid-19 emergency. Working as a multi-agency group we're committed to creating better spaces for people walking and cycling around Somerset.

Somerset's Covid-19 Active Travel group includes representatives from Somerset County Council, Mendip Council, Sedgemoor Council, Somerset West and Taunton Council, South Somerset Council, Somerset and Avon Police and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP).

This project was created in response to the Government's announcement of a £250m Emergency Active Travel Fund. Somerset has initially been allocated £120,000 in emergency funding for temporary measures to encourage walking and cycling.

The second round of funding will be released later in the summer to enable further, more permanent measures to help establish good cycling and walking habits. An indicative figure of £482,000 for Somerset has been published from the second round. Initial indications show that this will not be enough to deliver all the schemes we would like, however information from this site will help inform future active travel schemes bids and help develop our climate change strategies.

The group has worked with Commonplace to create this map tool to help you flag-up areas of concern in your area where changes could make a positive difference.