Members of the Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of up to ten Councillors.

You can also email all members of Cabinet using:

Councillor Ros Wyke

Leader of the Council

Councillor Janine Nash

Deputy Leader of the Council

Councillor Tom Ronan 

Portfolio Holder for Strategic Policy and Climate Change

Councillor Barry O'Leary supported by Councillor Simon Carswell

Portfolio Holder for Enterprise and Finance

Councillor Peter Goater

Portfolio Holder for Economic Development

Councillor Simon Carswell assisted by Councillor Matt Martin

Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services and Performance Management

Councillor Janine Nash assisted by Councillor Laura Waters

Portfolio Holder for Planning Services

Councillor Liz Leyshon

Portfolio Holder for Corporate Projects
Councillor Richard Pinnock

Portfolio Holder for Housing Services

Councillor Heather Shearer assisted by Councillor Lucie Taylor-Hood

Portfolio Holder for Community Health Services

Councillor Nick Cottle assisted by Councillor Edric Hobbs

Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services