MDC STATEMENT: Technical issues at Planning Board 27.05.20

Although Planning Board went ahead on Wednesday 27 May 2020, no actual Planning Applications were considered during the session.

On the morning of Planning Board, a question arose as to whether Town and Parish Councils had received notifications of the Applications that were to be considered by the Board.  

As a consequence, it was thought unfair to proceed as there was a possibility that stakeholders and the public would not have been correctly notified.

Initial findings appear to indicate that technical issues were involved in the sending/receipt of the notifications of Applications.  A full investigation is underway, and a report of the incident will be presented at the next Planning Board.  A revised date for Planning Board will be agreed as soon as is practical and all parties will be notified.  

We apologise to those involved.

Cllr Damon Hooton
Chair, Planning Board
Mendip District Council