COVID-19: Food Delivery Options (National):

Information on national food delivery options in Mendip.

The Council are aware that there may well be other local organisations delivering food and products to the residents of Mendip and we would like to thank you for your help during this time. We encourage you to get in contact with the Council by completing the form:

Request to be added to the COVID-19 business directory.

Please note: The information presented on the website was gathered from third party websites and leaflets and was accurate at the time it was collected. It is likely that the information presented will change and may become out of date as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The information is provided as guidance only and it is suggested that you contact the businesses directly for accurate, up-to-date information.

An image relating to COVID-19: Morrisons
Morrisons are still operating a food delivery service as normal, but there is high demand and customers have to wait in a queue to access the website. The delivery slots are also limited.
An image relating to COVID-19: Marks & Spencer
M&S is selling and delivering food boxes to customers.
An image relating to COVID-19: Asda
Asda are continuing to offer home delivery, but understand that demand is high and that not everyone is able to secure a delivery slot.
An image relating to COVID-19: Tesco
Tesco are still operating home deliveries, but there is a high demand and they are working at full capacity.
An image relating to COVID-19: Sainsbury's
Sainsbury's are continuing to operate their online delivery service.
An image relating to COVID-19: Aldi
Aldi will sell food parcels on its website for the first time from Friday April 17 to help vulnerable people, especially the elderly and those suffering from life-threatening infection.
An image relating to COVID-19: Waitrose
Waitrose are still operating their online delivery service. They have committed at least 25% of all order slots to elderly and vulnerable customers.