COVID-19: Post Office

The Post Office has a number of schemes and services on offer to help customers with banking and payment.

The Post Office has a network of 11,500 branches, so you should be able to find one near you. However, some may need to close at short notice and some may have reduced opening hours, so double-check online using the following branch finder before setting up your request

Post Office: Branch finder

Post Office - Payout Now Scheme

Anyone who cannot leave their home can ask a trusted friend, family member or volunteer to withdraw cash for them at any Post Office using a single-use voucher. 

If their bank allows it, the person in need of cash can specify a cash amount and request a one-time barcode to be sent to them by text, email or post. Their trusted volunteer can then collect the cash on their behalf, without the need to hand over bank details.

For more information, visit

Post Office: Payout Now

Post Office - Fast PACE Scheme

The Post Office has always run a pre-authorised cheque encashment (PACE) service that enables vulnerable customers to contact their bank and arrange to cash a cheque at a Post Office branch. Working with HM Treasury, the Financial Conduct Authority and UK Finance, Post Office has launched its 'Fast PACE' service. Customers can now name an individual, such as carer or family member, to cash a pre-authorised cheque on their behalf at a Post Office branch.

In order to take advantage of this service offered by Post Office, a customer needs to:

  • Contact their bank and inform them that they want to withdraw cash using the Fast Track Cheque Encashment service
  • The bank will then inform the Post Office of the maximum cheque amount they are allowed to cash
  • The customer can arrange for any family member, friend, carer or volunteer to collect the cheque from them. They complete the cheque as normal, payable to 'The Post Office', print the name on the back of the cheque of the third party collecting it for them and sign that side too.
  • That person then presents the cheque with their own ID such as bank card or driving licence. They can do this at their local Post Office or any other Post Office that is open. They then take the cash back to the individual who is self-isolating while following safe social distancing guidelines.
  • The Fast PACE service also means that if a helper has bought supplies for someone self-isolating, they can be reimbursed immediately by simply presenting the customer's cheque at any Post Office.

Post Office - Accelerated POca Nominated Agent Service

The Post Office is now accepting applications for an accelerated, telephone-based, nominated agent process for POca customers who are not able to leave home. This new service allows any POca customer who is having trouble accessing their money to arrange for a nominated agent to collect cash from a Post Office branch on their behalf.

To request this service the customer rings the POca helpline on 0345 722 3344, then selects option 1 and when prompted then holds for an advisor. The customer will need to have their POca card when making the call to verify their identity and will need to provide details of their nominated agent. A new POca card and pin number is then sent to the customer at their home address which can then be used by the customer's agent to access cash on their behalf at any Post Office branch. The customer will receive separate statements showing the transactions undertaken using the nominated agent card. This new process removes the need for the customer to visit a Post Office branch to collect, complete and return the nominated agent form.

POca Cash Direct Service

The Post Office recently launched a home cash delivery service on behalf of the DWP. This has been launched by the DWP for around 27,000 POca customers in England who are shielding, some of whom may be without help from friends or family members. The DWP are writing direct to the customers who they have identified as being particularly vulnerable to make them aware of the new service. Once the Post Office has been notified by DWP, money will be sent directly from the Post Office cash centre to the customer's home, arriving by 9pm the following day using Royal Mail Special Delivery. This service is secure and quick, and will enable those who are most vulnerable to access the cash they need, while avoiding the need to leave their home.