COVID-19: Managing Funding

Many Community Groups who are responding to Coronavirus will not have a bank account or legal entity set up to manage their funds.

Fiscal Hosting

This is problematic as individuals and organisations can be uncomfortable donating to private accounts. Accepting donations and managing finances in this way also creates an admin burden.  The Social Change Agency

To remedy this, Community Groups can use a fiscal host platform. This will help them to easily receive donations (from the public, funding bodies and statutory organisations) and pay expenses to volunteers who are buying goods for those in need. Through a fiscal host, Community Groups can manage their incoming and
outgoing funds, handle accounting tasks, like bank transfers, and generate invoices and receipts for those who contribute to the fund.

To help Community Groups responding to the Coronavirus, the Social Change Agency providing a free platform and are acting as a fiscal host.

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The Social Change Agency: Fiscal hosting for COVID-19 community groups