Community health concerns addressed in Glastonbury

Mendip District Council is aware of the occupation of travellers on land in Glastonbury.

The land and roadside sites currently occupied, are the responsibility of Somerset County Council.

Mendip is supporting the County Council to address community health issues at these sites, working alongside partner agencies including the Police and Fire Authorities.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, all Local Authorities must follow new national guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

These communities cannot self-isolate while they are travelling, and the Government says local solutions must be identified to ensure travellers are supported to stay in one place.

This includes providing sanitation, water, bins, refuse collections, and issuing health advice. Local Authorities are also being asked to consider how they can support access to food, medication and other essentials.

As a result of these Government guidelines, sanitation units, waste disposal and water bowzers are now being applied at the occupied sites in Glastonbury. Families requiring food provisions are being directed to the COVID-19 helpline.

All facilities are being funded by Somerset County Council, with Mendip using its local connections to facilitate a quick response.

These actions - designed to protect community health - are a Government requirement and will be applied consistently to the whole travelling community across Somerset.